Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Domain and Hosting?

Domain is a name of a website address. On the Internet, everyone has to type a domain name to be able to open and read the contents of a website. In the selection of domain name must match the content and purpose of the website that we will create.

One example of the Domain name as such: and In the example above (blogspot) is the name for the domain type (. com) and on (team7design) is the name for a domain that provides the kind of blog (

Several types of domains that have been available include: com, org,,, ru, and others.

After getting the Domain name that we want, for further we need a place / home for our website that is hosting. So the meaning of this hosting is a server where we put / upload document files that have been previously made. There are several sites that provide hosting and domain as the example below;

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Or you can search by entering a word (Domain and Hosting), from one of the various search engines like google, yahoo, msn, etc..

Colection team7design

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Thanks, hopefully useful to you.