Monday, April 11, 2011

Understanding Threat, Attack, Exploit, Crackers, Bandwidth, Digital Signature and Defaced

Threat is one of the three components that contribute to the Risk Management model, which used to face the threat (managing threats).

Denial of Service is to inhibit the activity of a service (the service) or off it, so that legitimate users / interested parties can not use the service. Denial of Service attacks (DOS) occurs when the attacker or who often heard the term hacker has dented sevice existing host or host or service so that it can no longer communicate fluently in its network neighborhood. The development of DOS attack is a DDOS. DDoS attack is a type of attack traffic by fulfilling the site's server until the site becomes slow and difficult to access. Another notion about DDOS is continuously sending data using a computer is not so effective because it is usually the server resources are being attacked more than a computer attackers.

From some sense it can be concluded that the DDOS attacks (Distribute Denial Of Service) is very detrimental to the attack, because the attacks could deter users from computer work korban.Dimana victim's computer becomes slow and difficult to access the full consequences of traffic in the computer.

Exploit is a software (software) that attack the fragility of security (security vulnerability) are specific but not always aim to launch an unwanted action. Many computer security researchers use the exploit to demonstrate that a system has a vulnerability. There is a body of researchers who work with software manufacturers. The researcher was in charge of looking for the fragility of a software and if they find it, they report their findings to the manufacturer for a manufacturer to take action. However, exploits sometimes be part of a malware attack fragility in charge of security.

Cracker is a term for those who go into someone else's system and crackers more destructive, usually dijaringan computer, bypassing passwords or licenses computer programs, computer security against deliberate, to defaced (damage to a web front page) belonged to someone else, even to men-delete the data of others, stealing data and generally do the cracking for their own benefit.
Cracker does not have the code of conduct or rules of the game, because the cracker destructive. Cracker has a site or our channel in IRC are hidden, the only people - certain people can access it. Cracker also has an IP that can not be traced. The case most often done by the cracker is Carding Credit Card Theft and burglary site and change everything in it becomes a mess.

Bandwidth or bandwidth is broad or wide range of frequencies used by the signal in the transmission medium. Within this framework, the bandwidth can be defined as the difference between the high frequency signal components and low frequency signal. Signal frequency is measured in Hertz. Bandwidth is defined as well as the dosing frequency range. In the language easy, a measure of data traffic flowing in and out. In the world of hosting, we are given bandwidth allocation per month depending on how much we spend. End bandwidth is determined how many of us to upload or download. More and more uploading activities, plus more and more visitors are accessing, then the less a given bandwidth allocation.
Bandwidth computers in computer networks, often used as a synonym for data transfer rate is the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another within a specified period (usually within seconds). This type of bandwidth is measured in bps (bits per second). Sometimes also expressed in Bps (bytes per second). A modem that works at 57,600 bps has twice the bandwidth of a modem that works at 28,800 bps. In general, connections with large bandwidth / high enables the delivery of great information such as sending pictures or images in video presentation.

Digital signature is a cryptographic security system of symmetric (symmetric crypthography / secret key crypthography) that uses the same key in encryption and decryption of a message (message). Here the sender and receiver use the same key, so they must maintain the confidentiality of the key.
In the digital signature is a data / messages will be encrypted with a symmetric key that is created randomly (randomly generated symmetric key) which will then be encrypted using the public key of the recipient. The result of encryption is then known as the digital envelope that will be sent with the message / data has been encrypted.

Simple understanding of deface / defacing or cyber grafity general language is an activity that pollutes or scratch - scratch / stain and change the core of the contents page of a website with the word / phrase, picture / image, or a particular link that makes a link to deviate from the command we give or we make. Usually the purpose players (usually called a hacker) is so that he gets a name and to the attention of the crowd, be caused by isengnya conversation that could make him feel a little proud of having successfully infiltrated.
The target of hackers have in common is that web server running on Windows 2000 operating system and server is IIS 5.0 / 6.0.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HTML (HyperText Markup Language)

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is a language used to create web pages on the internet. HTML allows you to display text, images, links to other pages, create a form, insert video, sound, and a wide - range of other formats.

Here we will review the basics of HTML Tag
1. Heading
2. Paragraph
3. Font Settings
4. Color Document
5. Link
6. Displaying Images
7. Using Tables
8. Cellpadding and cellspacing
and so on.

HTML Document Structure

HTML document is actually just a plain text file that is equipped with special signs like (tags) that determine how text is displayed. Therefore, HTML documents can be created using simple text editor such as Notepad, EditPlus, vi, and so forth. But now it has a lot of visual editor for HTML, such as: Microsoft Front Page, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, and others.

HTML tags usually are the tags that are paired and marked with the symbol '
', While the spouse or the end of the command of a tag marked with a' / ', for example, pairs of tags are.

HTML documents are usually saved with the extension. Htm or. Html. To open this HTML document, you need a web browser. Examples of widely used web browsers are: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and so forth. Here is an example of a simple HTML document.
note: "Click this image if unclear!"

If the document is opened in a browser will look like below;

HTML documents can be divided into two parts, namely the head (HEAD) and body (body). The head is marked with tags In this section is usually filled with additional information useful to the web browser when viewing the page, or information for search engines. Parts of the body enclosed in tag contents of this document and other HTML tags are placed in this area.

One important element that lies at the head is the title. as shown in the example above, the text enclosed in tags displayed on the web browser title bar.

Windows XP Running Slow? - Easy Ways to Fix Your Slow Computer

Do you remember when you first bought your computer? It went well and runs very fast but as you use it everyday you may have noticed your computer starts to slow down. This is a common problem of all Windows-based computers. This problem can be serious and there are several ways you can do to fix windows Xp computer is running slow.

Memory plays an important function in your PC. It handles all the tasks at hand and is very important that you have as much memory as possible. If you have limited memory or most used and it is important for you to avoid opening too many programs at the same time. If you have more budget, it is advisable to add some RAM to improve your PC performance.

A fragmented hard drive is another cause for the PC slow. This is because when you use your PC hard drive will be fragmented. This means that the hard drive is having trouble to retrieve files needed for the operation because they are spread all over the place. This can be solved easily by running the disk defragmenter regularly.

Malicious programs designed to destroy other programs needed to drive your PC. If your PC is infected by a virus, malware, adware, and spyware, it can slow down or not functioning at all. To remove these malicious programs are advised to install anti-virus, anti-malware, anti-adware, and anti-spyware program. There are several free programs that you can download from the internet. However, you must update these programs every day on a regular basis.

registry is an important part of the window that greatly affect the performance of your PC. In the registry will be damaged, can be caused by missing files or registry errors caused by some malicious programs / Viruses. This problem can easily be repaired by installing a registry cleaner. Registry cleaner will scan and fix registry errors and windows Xp stop running slow and will speed up your computer quickly.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Facing The Same ( Saturation )

As an ordinary man we often experience burnout, especially faced with the same activity on each day.

Did You Feel bored with your time and your work routine everyday?

Always doing the same thing is boring. Especially if you think you have more capabilities. In order to get out and developing those skills, you should start getting used to think Out of the box or think against the current.

An employee who has been accustomed to working within a strict system will indeed be hard to get out of the "Box". However, it all depends on your intentions as well. Here are some things that may or may often be a barrier wall.

Too deify logic.

Thinking according to the logic is very good. However, when the logic is too dominate the results certainly do not either. So let's Balance between logic and heart.

Too stiff by Regulation

Things like this usually become an obstacle for someone to move forward. Rules are made so that all run regularly. However, there are times when you are being more flexible when faced with a problem.

too restrictive on Expertise

Each employee must have JobsDesk respectively. Usually, because the division of labor, the relationship between employees so individualistic, and ultimately created the principle of "Your Work, yes you do. ToDo I, yes I am a doing." perhaps we could help each other in the work if it can be done.

Looks Scared Stupid

Behave out of habit maybe and again to break the sense of saturation. For example, if you usually spend this time with a lunch break followed by a nap. Try to change to something more fun as well as an example by reading books that you enjoy doing after lunch or something fun you think.

Maybe this is all I can express, may be inspiration for you

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Domain and Hosting?

Domain is a name of a website address. On the Internet, everyone has to type a domain name to be able to open and read the contents of a website. In the selection of domain name must match the content and purpose of the website that we will create.

One example of the Domain name as such: and In the example above (blogspot) is the name for the domain type (. com) and on (team7design) is the name for a domain that provides the kind of blog (

Several types of domains that have been available include: com, org,,, ru, and others.

After getting the Domain name that we want, for further we need a place / home for our website that is hosting. So the meaning of this hosting is a server where we put / upload document files that have been previously made. There are several sites that provide hosting and domain as the example below;

please copy text

Or you can search by entering a word (Domain and Hosting), from one of the various search engines like google, yahoo, msn, etc..

Colection team7design

If you want easier in making a website for your business or for personal, you can contact to email:
Thanks, hopefully useful to you.